Swingy Ball

Here is my first proper game I made using Unity. Learned a lot in making this and hoping to make my next games better and better.

In this game you drop the ball down an endless tower and swing it to avoid dangers. Score as high as you can and challenge your friends.

I would explicitly like to thanks Brackeys Team as I have learnt so much from their YouTube channel.

Now some of the languages implemented in the game were acquired through Google Translate so there is a chance for some of the sentences or words to be hysterically wrong. Please provide me with your feedback below on this page so the mistakes can be fixed.


Upcoming Features & Fixes

  • Fix Facebook support to share score cards and show leader-boards
  • Add themes



The Blue Remix File by JGSH616 (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/JGSH616/61571 Ft: Blue Music

Shout-out For Ideas

    • Sadia Haroon
    • Muqadas un Nisa Shahid
    • Aniqa Haroon
    • Maaz Sufyan Shahid
    • Shujaatullah Khan
    • Omar Karani


  • The best place to provide your feedback would be my Discord Server or game’s Facebook Page so please join me there. Links are below.

    Or you can post a comment down below on this page. I am open to collaborations as well.

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