Stock My Inventory – Deletion Policy

Deletion Policy

To delete some or all of your data, you must sign into the app using your email and password, or your connected social network/s. Once you have logged into the app, go to the Settings page and select “Delete Account” option. You have to carefully read and check all required check boxes. Afterwards, press “Delete my account” button and your account will be deleted after a countdown of ten seconds, unless you cancel it or interrupt it midway.

If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forget password?” button to add a new password. However, if you have forgotten your email address, then your account will automatically be deleted permanently after 12 months of inactivity. You will receive notification emails on your email address before your account is permanently deleted.

Because of security concerns, we do not provide any other way to delete your account or data. You must sign into the app to access your data.

Even if you have deleted your account, some of your data may not get deleted. If you have been an employee of someone’s company, your name and email address might still show up in their logs and reports. The logs older than 90 days are automatically deleted but any offline log report will still have your name and email address.

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