Stock My Inventory

An all-in-one solution for your stock & inventory with tons of features.

  • Store your inventory data in the cloud
  • Categorize your articles in groups
  • Sync data between devices, yours and your employees, in real-time
  • Add employees and decide what they can see or interact with using roles
  • Use your camera to scan barcodes while adding articles
  • Bulk add articles using a Microsoft Excel template
  • Download snapshots of all your data for your personal archive
  • Use notice boards to communicate essential information with your team



Shout-out For Ideas

    • Saad Salman
    • Maaz Sufyan Shahid
    • Omar Karani


  • The best place to provide your feedback would be my Discord Server so please join me there. Links are below.

    Or you can post a comment down below on this page. I am open to collaborations as well.

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