Pop Them Balls

Here is the first game I made using Unity. This game is basically made during a learning process so in future I can make the games that I really want, better. It’s for children and quite honestly a bit silly simple.

The game included in this app is Tapper for now but I will be adding more mini-games to it later.

I would explicitly like to thanks Brackeys Team as I have learnt so much from their YouTube channel.

Now some of the languages implemented in the game were acquired through Google Translate so there is a chance for some of the sentences or words to be hysterically wrong. Please provide me with your feedback below on this page so the mistakes can be fixed.


Upcoming Features & Fixes

  • Add themes
  • Add more mini-games for children



Trillium Line by Admiral Bob (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: apoxode

Shout-out For Ideas

    • Sadia Haroon
    • Muqadas un Nisa Shahid
    • Aniqa Haroon
    • Maaz Sufyan Shahid
    • Shujaatullah Khan
    • Omar Karani


  • The best place to provide your feedback would be my Discord Server or game’s Facebook Page so please join me there. Links are below.

    Or you can post a comment down below on this page. I am open to collaborations as well.

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